Regular Membership

The Canadian Naval Divers Association (CNDA) was founded in January 1981 at Halifax, Nova Scotia. It cannot exist without annual dues to take care of the administrative and functional aspects of the association. The CNDA is strictly a non-profit organization that exists solely to serve the needs as set put in the association charter. In order to maintain "membership in good standing" status, annual dues in the amount of $15.00 per annum are required. They are due at the beginning of the calendar year and members have 90 days to make payment to maintain their active status. Payment is to be direct to either the local Chapter Treasurer or directly to the National Treasurer and can be made for multiple years if so desired. Contact information for these individuals can be found on the CNDA Executive page. Once payment has been received, a master membership list will be updated and available for the association executive to monitor and review. 

Membership Application (New for 2016)

Membership comes with several entitlements and benefits which include:  

  • Reduced rates at all annual events;
  • Voting privileges for association matters;
  • Inclusion on the mailing and notification list for the quarterly newsletter "Dipper Digest";
  • Membership in multiple Chapters allowed;
  • Facilitates contact with former and active serving naval divers;
  • Satisfaction of being part of a notable and nationally recognized Association;
  • Association membership; and
  • Much, much more.
Honorary Membership

Details can be found in the CNDA Constitution Article III, Section 5, Paragraphs 5.1 & 5.2 - essentially honorary membership is a lifetime membership that is awarded by the executive with no requirement for dues. It is awarded to outstanding individuals who have made a notable contributions or achievement that benefits the association greatly. A list of honorary members is maintained by the CNDA Executive for each chapter.