CNDA Kit Locker

Please order all items listed below directly from:

Andre Desrochers
73 MacLaughlin Rd.
Dartmoth N.S.
B2W 3R8
(902) 434-5545
Please Note that shipping is extra
  1. Mark V 8 Inch Reflective Sticker
    $12 Each (Limited Stock)
    Cool Reflective Sticker for your vehicle.
  2. CNDA Polo Shirt
    $25.00 Each
    Colour is black with gold lettering and graphic.
  3. CNDA Crest
    $25.00 Each
    (for Blazer Jacket‏)
  4. Navy Diver Ball Cap
    $16.00 Each
    Cloth cap
  5. Centennial T-Shirts
    $20.00 Each
    Available in various sizes
  6. CNDA Jacket
    $45.00 Each
    Jacket with liner, Snap closure Golden Jubilee‏
  7. CNDA Lapel
    $5.00 Each
    As shown
  8. CNDA Keychain
    $5.00 Each‏
    Hardhat in Brass
  9. CNDA Crest Decal
    $5.00 Each
    Small sticker
  10. Support our Troops Decal‏
    $5.00 Each
  11. Navy Diver T-Shirt
    As shown
  12. Clip-On Tie
    $25.00 Each
  13. Belt Buckle
    $15 Each‏
    Hardhat in Brass as shown
  14. CNDA Millenium Coin (Front)
    $2.00 Each
    Front, next item listed shows the back
  15. CNDA Millenium Coin (Back)
    $2.00 Each
    Back, previous item listed shows the front
  16. 2012 CNDA T-Shirt
    $20 Each
    Large & XL Sizes Remaining
  17. Assorted 2012 Reunion Souvenirs For Sale.
    See Description for Prices
    They are limited in sizes and number. The T-Shirts and Golf Shirts are in (large) only. Ball Cap or T-Shirt are 16.00 EACH Golf Shirt $23.00 License Plate $10.00 CNDA Pins $4.50